The story of our ingredients

Not Only Science #Bethical

The concept

Whether you choose our active ingredients for a new cosmetic, to valorize your food or food supplement, or to deliver health and wellness to your customers, you can tell a story. And the story is part of the ingredient and brings along value and unicity. We look at, and we select those ingredients that are part of a territory, of a culture, of a tradition. And we do our best to valorize and to promote those who that territory, that culture, that tradition preserves and keeps alive. #Bethical


Central East Africa 


Parmesane Appennins


Mediterranean Italy 

Different Stories, one Aim

01 Central East Africa

Under the vulcanos of Ibirunga, or along the uplands descending towards the great lakes, central-east Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo) is the land of biodiversity.

The fertile vulcanian lands, the rainy forest, and the equatorial sun have provided nutrients and medicaments to local population for millennials. And their use has been preserved by knowledge and tradition. B.ethical intends to valorize and promote this local and tradition knowledge by expanding the use of these ingredients in Europe after a careful analysis of the composition and of the biological properties. B.ethical is actively committed not only in assuring a fair profit for local workers but also in developing internal entrepreneur spirit.
It is the mission of B.ethical to not simply paying off for unprocessed materials, but to share technological knowledge with our partner and promote the creation of an internal market.

02 Parmesane Appennins

We are strongly committed to valorize the territory where we operate. The area around the city of Parma is globally recognized as the food valley, not only for the extraordinary productive capacity but also for the richness of its hills and its low plains. A variety of ancient crops and spontaneous plants offer the potential for a careful bioprospecting and preservation of tradition.

03 Mediterranean Italy

Millenary sapience recognizes in Mediterranean functional foods and plants a privileged sources of bioactives. B.Ethical adds a careful choice of producers, which share the ambition to preserve unicity, organic cultivation and fair trade.