Cultural Botanics & Actives

Benefit Corp and Spin-off of University of Parma. Natural ingredients and ethical bioprospecting for cosmo/nutra/pharma.

The importance of B(eing) Ethical

Our ‘B’ is shaped by two superimposed -interrupted- circumferences. It’s about interaction and harmony between tradition and innovation, between sapient culture and cutting-edge technology. Its tapered stroke, reminiscent of ancient handwriting, brings to you the warmth of tradition. The minimal but incisive ‘ethical’ writing projects you to the innovation and the future. It’s all about B.ethical

Cultural Botanics and Actives

B.Ethical owns a proprietary and customizable portfolio of ingredients, thoroughly characterized chemically and biologically obtained by a transparent, ethical and sustainable value chain

Benefit corporation

People using business as a force good

As a Benefit company, B.Ethical promotes equity, fairness, sustainability, and happieness. B.Ethical promotes the conservation of the environment, their cultural roots and the ability to regenerate soil and water.

Spin off UniPr

A business founded by researchers

B.Ethical grows upon a fertile and vibrant academic environment and capitalizes the long experience of their member in linking natural products to still unexploited biological pathways to offer innovative ingredients to valorize health, wellness and beauty-care products.

Our Products

Discover our world of ingredients

We bring to this apparently overcrowded field several layers of innovation, which will add strong competitivity to our business customers.

  • The first layer is bioprospecting, attention to #regenerativeagriculture , cultivation and generative culture of production, re-use of waste.
  • The second layer is careful and focused biological characterization of our #ingredients, which allows our customers to substantiate their wellness, health, wellbeing claims
  • The third layer is encoded by the Benefit corporation status of B.Ethical. Our work and our products and ingredients are blended with a continuous search of fairness, equity, and ethics for all of whom participate to their development. Fairness, equity, and ethics are something which cannot be declared on the product’s label, but whose flavor will be immediately recognized by the market and, most importantly, will contribute to a better Planet. 


B, to “Be” ethical, but also Beauty, Botanicals, Biological, Bio and B-corp.